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May, 2011

Are You Being Toyed With?

I have a daughter who is rather partial to dark chocolate ginger cookies. No sooner do they enter the house, they vanish into the dark and gloomy dungeon, otherwise known as her bedroom. I’m told that chocolate has remarkable and essential properties for teenage girls (I’m told this by my teenage daughter, so this might […]

Getting Rid of Dolly – teams need diversity

Are your teams always bickering? Or are they so polite that no-one says boo to a goose? Is your organisation so afraid of conflict that it’s created the team equivalent of homogenised milk? Do you actively seek out diverse opinions or are you married to the idea of calm consensus? And do you really want […]

Not quite 10 out of 10 – but perfection is overrated!

I’ve just completed this year’s Manchester Bupa 10k. Haile Gebrisellassi romped home to take the crown in little over 28 minutes, looking fresh as a daisy. I staggered over the finishing line in 46:43 and have been recovering all week! It’s a personal best over this course but short of my record over the 10k […]

Fact or Friction – the curse of always being right!

Not all discussions end acrimoniously in disagreement, but too many of them do. And in many cases the hostility is fuelled by a fundamental misunderstanding. It seems that statements which sound perfectly reasonable, rational and right when voiced, get lost in translation by the time the receiver hears them. Let’s be clear: disagreement and challenge […]

Controlling Those Flying Pigs

I describe myself as an optimist with pessimistic tendencies. I believe it is possible that one day pigs could fly (evolution is a strange and wonderful process, after all), but probably not before the planet has destroyed itself! I’m less interested in having a philosophical debate about whether Optimism or Pessimism is good or bad […]

Are We Being Short Changed?

 We know that change is good for us, don’t we? We even believe it’s as good as a rest.  We’ve grown accustomed to radical overhauls, wholesale change programmes, new initiatives, organisation redesign. But we’ve never really learned to love them. Maybe you can have too much of a good thing. Maybe we’ve had too much change […]


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