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June, 2011

I Can Manage, Thank You!

Scattered across the globe are various examples where greater self-management in the workplace has been realised: flat structures, peer-reviews, team accountabilities; localised decision-making; & team reward structures created by and managed by the team. But these examples are still few and far between. It seems that our love of management means that we keep coming […]

Under the Influence – Power, Influence and Relationships

Dear Auntie,  I like a drink. I won’t deny it. But it’s all about moderation. When I’m flat on my face in a gutter having consumed half a cellar full of strong ale and a wee snifter of Talisker, I know that I don’t command the respect of my colleagues or have any positive influence […]

Feed Me, Don’t Devour Me!

I like a good meal, especially with a nice glass of chilled Viognier. I really look forward to those long lazy Sunday lunches or Christmas dinners. I feel energised by a hearty homemade broth on a winter’s day. I relish Thursday because it’s ‘Hurry for a Curry’ night. I enjoy my food, and I choose […]


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