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September, 2011

‘Lean’ shouldn’t mean ‘Mean’

Having recently viewed Tom Dyckhoff’s excellent ‘Secret life of Buildings’ on Channel 4 (UK) I’ve been reflecting on the number of work spaces I have visited as part of my consulting career. I work with companies to help them find ways of developing their people, increasing their productivity, and creating a positive culture. And yet […]

(Let’s Get) Cynical! Just a Little

It’s a strange thing, but perhaps if we had been a bit more cynical in the first place, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today. Perhaps if we’d been more minded to say…  “Hang on a minute, if I buy this property today, it will be worth twice as much next year? Are you serious?” […]

Keeping it Together

With teams it’s how you behave when you are apart that determines how successful you will be when you are together. It’s traditional for us to invest in our teams by organising team events. Some of these are adventurous, others are more social. And some of them are all about creating the right conditions for […]

Cultural Excuses?

Having just returned from two week’s working in Puerto Rico followed by a two week vacation in France, I am once again reminded how different we appear to be based on where we live. But my observations have also led me to challenge some of the assumptions I have made about how much of our […]


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