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January, 2012

Sticking it Where the Sun Don’t Shine

OK, I admit it. I’m frustrated! Why aren’t things perfect? Why do people behave so badly? Why can’t I work for a company that really values and supports me instead of making my life difficult.! Aaarrrggghhhhhhh!!!! Yes, some days it can get to you. We’re human and what we want or expect doesn’t always happen. […]

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Ditch the old banger – increase your chances of getting there

The road is littered with weary travelers who have lost their way. Great intentions don’t always translate into great implementations. Distractions, losing confidence, or taking on too much all contribute to people not reaching their desired destination. A destination that is worth reaching requires a proper map. And achievement that is worth something requires DRIVE: […]

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Why Don’t Managers Want to Manage Me?

Ask any manager what excites them about their role and it is unlikely that many will say “I just love managing people” Managing budgets, managing projects & managing customers seem acceptable and even exhilarating on occasion. But managing staff and direct reports? Most managers would really rather not have to. Many would run a mile […]

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Party Pooper

New Year’s Eve is a time for partying, although this year more people stayed at home with a few friends and family rather than going out. I was one of those people and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It led me to musing on the nature of parties and how we assess them. Have you ever been […]

2012 – Year of the ?

As the sun sets on 2011 and we look forward to 2012, I’m wondering what delights it will bring. Anything can happen…and it probably will! But, we’ve heard so much of the gloom and doom and it’s not really helping me. Yes I know that economies are in dire straits and we are now paying […]


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