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March, 2012

Spring Activities 2012

Spring is in the air, but we don’t need the sunshine to be upbleat! We are delighted to be working with some great people on some exciting projects over the next couple of months. Some of our future highlights are listed below. Call us if you would like to join in the fun.   Career […]

The Disappearing Trick

People are often hopelessly unprepared for giving presentations but assuming they have some warning, most will spend some time collecting the data, creating their slides and structuring their material. Few will spend any time ensuring that they are personally prepared to give a clear, assured and polished ‘performance’.  The notion of a presentation as ‘performance’ is […]

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Tooling Up or Schooling Up?

My kitchen cupboards are probably typical. Filled with gadgets that I’ve hardly used since the day I bought them. They sit, languishing in the darkest corners, unloved and unremembered. At the time I bought them, I had kidded myself that I had to have them. They would be useful time-savers. They would make food preparation processes simple […]

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A place for everything and everything in its place

With some things, you never know whether you might need them or whether they will ever be useful, but you think they are interesting and shouldn’t be cast aside. Here’s our equivalent of the bottom drawer, garden shed, cellar, attic and box room all rolled into one. Over time I’m sure it will get filled […]

Our New Website

We are pleased to welcome the arrival of our new website and corporate brand. We hope we like it. We’ve been running since 2004 and felt that our old site was getting a bit tired. We want our site to reflect the colour and vibrancy of our work, and give you a good browsing experience. […]

Events in March 2012

Some of our events running this month include: Attendance Management training for fmcg Influencing Skills for housing association Performance Management with actors for textiles design company Assessment Centres for senior Engineering recruitment – Kelloggs

We’ve been busy lately! Follow our Success

We’ve been helping our clients deliver solid business results through their people and their processes. And we’ve made sure they enjoyed the experience. Here are some of our success stories in recent months.

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Free Downloads & Audio Recordings

They say nothing is free, but we’d like to prove them wrong. Here you will find a range of absolutely free downloads to look at, listen to and share. ___________________________________________________________________ Listen to short audio recordings between Tim Lambert & Moe Vara by following the links. Audio Files     The Stories We Tell & How to […]

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