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November, 2012

Tomorrow’s Leaders: We Don’t Want a Carbon Cut-out!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say there’s a shortage of great leaders. Anyone who spends time moving in business circles knows that the problems of today are unlikely to be solved by the leaders who honed their skills in the past; and that the leaders of tomorrow are not emerging fast enough. We […]

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Language is Laced with Limitations

Have you ever stopped to think about some of the words and phrases we routinely use that are often unsuitable for the events and situations we use them to describe? It’s a form of short-hand (for which I mean habitual laziness) that has developed over time, allowing us to ‘cut to the chase’, or bypass […]

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The Humility Shift

There’s a problem with management that people seem shy of addressing. Perhaps there’s a fear that by opening the can of worms, they won’t be able to control the aftermath. As I see it, the problem is one of hierarchy. “Wait a minute”, I hear you say, “isn’t hierarchy the definition of management? If you’ve […]

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