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February, 2013

Doing More With Less

The theme for the Association of Business Psychologists 2013 annual conference is ‘Doing More With Less’.  In these times of austerity, the challenge is to remain productive whilst reducing effort and cost base. Stripping out costs is  a wise strategy if it stimulates growth: something our governments could do with taking note of. Otherwise, it […]

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Gluttony – I Just Don’t Get Enough!

In our final blog on trying to re-brand the Seven Deadly Sins as ‘The Super 7’, things have got trickier. How on earth can gluttony be good for you? Let’s chew it over! Gluttony – the bringer of pleasure Here’s Wikipedia to help us out with a definition. Gluttony: “to gulp down or swallow, …over-indulgence […]

Association of Business Psychologists

We’re speaking at this conference in April 2013 and hope you can join us. http://theabp.org.uk/

Envy: I Wish I had More of That!

In our continuing quest to re-brand the Seven Deadly Sins as ‘The Super 7’, we’re ready to tackle Envy. Once you’ve seen how good it can be, you’ll want a bit of it! Envy – the bringer of imagination? We tend to focus on Envy as a destructive thing, but psychologists are increasingly realising that […]

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Values Add

Values will only add value if you value them. This might sound like a daft thing to say until you reflect on the fact that often we remain unconscious of our values, and too often we find ourselves compromised by our attempts to operate by our values.  In my work with companies and individual clients, […]

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Do You Lust after a Rewarding Work Experience?

We’re onto the fifth in our series of blogs trying to re-brand the Seven Deadly Sins as The Super 7. On the face of it, the task is getting harder as we approach the thorny issue of Lust. Is it possible to reintroduce Lust into the workplace without de-stabilising performance? Can Lust make a positive […]

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