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September, 2015

Cynicism: the lowest form of engagement

I fear that we’ve become a cynical race. Simple acts of kindness are construed as attempts to win our favour. We draw unflattering conclusions about the motives of people when they try to better their lives. We’ve grown accustomed to assuming the worst and expecting little better. We have allowed our cynicism to infiltrate what could […]

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Can’t or Won’t?

Potential? What Potential? We literally don’t know what we’re capable of. The trouble is, we often convince ourselves that we do, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. When we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, we’re almost certainly right. When we tell ourselves we can do something, the chances are we […]

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Absence: Can Work Ever be Attractive?

How Attractive is Your Workplace? High levels of absence in the workplace are a sign that something is wrong. Either there is a freakish statistical irregularity where multiple illnesses present themselves at the same time within a small population, or people are succumbing to an epidemic of a particular virus. But it’s possible also that […]

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Problems & Choices: What to do?

The Problem with Problems & Choices: Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them! There are a number of things that commonly unite us all. One of those things is that we all have problems of one sort or another. Another is that we routinely are required to make choices. I haven’t yet met anyone who […]

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Appraisal Systems without the Human Touch

Appraisal Systems: are they a not-very-intelligent form of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace? There’s a lot of debate around the value of workplace appraisals and whether they are a waste of time. Arguments in favour include the ones that assert it is necessary to do a rain check once a year to see whether employees […]

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