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October, 2015

Loose Change

I can remember as an impoverished student visiting my working brothers in their first flat. I was amazed to see in every room large glass jars or empty ice-cream tubs overflowing with loose change. To me they were veritable treasure chests: to them, they were essential repositories for objects that served no immediate purpose. Individually, […]

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Negotiation: an Exercise in Partnership

Getting or giving the best possible price for a car is perhaps our most common experience of negotiation, and invariably we come out of the process feeling somewhat dissatisfied. It taints our understanding of what negotiation is and could be.   There are a number of factors that contribute to the impasse and feelings of being […]


Coaching has Potential

Lots of people like being coached. Why? Because most of us love talking about things we care about with people who are interested. That means there is a big responsibility on the coach to make themselves someone who people would want to share their dreams, aspirations, fears and problems with.  How can the coach do […]

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