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March, 2017

Hidden Anxieties

First day at School Anxieties have a habit of following us around. How many of you have vivid memories of your first day at school? I remember mine as a terrifying experience, clinging to my mother for comfort. She’d been through this before, many times, as I and my twin sister were the last of […]

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Trust: Don’t Keep it Under Your Hat

The Trust Quotient Employers would put a high price on guaranteed trustworthiness. It is an expected pre-requisite that any new member of staff joining the team should command the highest standards of trust. After all, they are party to a great deal of information, have access to IT systems and data-sets, and often have direct […]

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Trust me, I’m a…

Post-truth or Lies? We live in what is euphemistically-called a ‘post-truth’ world. Lies are now acceptable in public office so long as they are delivered with conviction and aplomb. Teams of fact-checkers now need to be employed to separate the fact from the fiction, because we can no longer trust what people are telling us. […]


Forever Blowing Bubbles?

Divisions in our society feel as if they have never been so big. Seismic changes in our political landscape are drawing up fault lines between communities that had tolerated each other in the past. Bigotry has been given legitimacy by politicians seeking to advance their own political ambitions. A license has been granted to those […]

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