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Return On Investment

20% increased productivity

75% reduction in waste

Decrease in absenteeism from 5% to less than 2%

Which company can afford not to have such statistics on their year-end balance sheet?

Because in today’s climate, no one can afford to Waste Money. Just paying a salary to someone who is under-performing is Wasted Money.

Paying for processes which are duplicated, too slow, overly bureaucratic is Wasted Money. Running a high level of Absenteeism is Wasted Money.

It’s important your people are working to their maximum potential. All the time. And being happy doing it,  happy to work hard for you, happy to stay with you and repay your investment in them. So training and development is essential  for any organisation that wants to succeed.

But it’s vitally important to get the right people in to guide your people to that maximum potential. Otherwise that’s just more Wasted Money. You’ve got to be sure when you invest in People Development that: performance is going to improve; you’re going to see increased productivity; the culture is going to be enhanced; your customers are going to get a better service;  and you’re going to gain a substantial competitive advantage. In short, you want a return on investment.

That’s what you’re investing in with Kay-Lambert: an assurance that the money spent on your people will reap serious rewards for your organisation. 

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