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Track Record

Every company we help gives a glowing report of the difference Kay-Lambert has made. Here’s a typical case history:

Characterworld is a progressive, outward-looking UK company, which licences, designs and manufactures children’s bedding and textiles.

Kay-Lambert Associates have enjoyed an extremely productive relationship with the company since 2008, providing Business Strategy Support, and People Development.

Since our involvement, Characterworld has been able to expand rapidly and effectively, stimulated by our initiatives. In that time, turnover has increased from c£10 million, to c£23 million, with a minimal rise in head count. That’s because we have helped Characterworld get the most out of its people, with lean processes, and the development of a highly motivated staff. The company is now poised to double its productivity again over the next five years, as it reaches out further into Europe.

When Kay-Lambert partnered with Characterworld, it was solely family-owned, but was ready to expand. It needed help to invest in its next bank of leaders, so one of our initiatives, which had a dramatic effect, was a Leadership Development programme called ‘Licensed to Lead.’ The effect of the programme has been phenomenal.

Through a combination of group workshops, psychometric testing, role-play with actors, 360 degree feedback, project work and one-to-one coaching, we developed a richly dynamic, highly skilled team of leaders. This team have been able to navigate the company with great assurance through the recent global economic downturns; and it’s clear: the success of this leadership team is absolutely central to the soaring success of the company.

Given the hugely beneficial impact it has had on individuals and the business, the company has pledged to extend ‘Licensed to Lead’ beyond its planned end date of March 2013.

This is what the MD recently said of our Director, Tim Lambert.

“He is phenomenal at what he does and would provide massive help to any business.”

We are delighted to partner with this progressive company to enhance the future of its burgeoning business profile.

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