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Use Your Influence

We all have it but do we use it. Learn how to exercise the influence you have.

Time Trials

Making the Best Use of the Time You Have

Leadership in 4D

Leadership in 4 Dimensions requires us to use our Head, Hand, Heart and Hoof in a connected and harmonious way

TRUST is hard won and easily lost

Trust can never be taken for granted. Learn how to build trust by using the Trust Equation, and what happens when you don’t. Take time to look at our other Minute Management Masterclasses. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6513471504980676608

Learn to FEED with Feedback

Take a look at one of our Minute Management Masterclasses. This One is about Feedbackhttps://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6516716713633939456/

Prepare To Be Amazed

I find it strange that people who work alongside each other, in some cases for years, know so little about their colleagues. I’m sure that my personal preference for extroversion means I am more likely to seek people out and want to engage with them, even superficially, but whoever we are, we all have extraordinary […]

Stay Silent if You Have Nothing to Say

The Silent Treatment Doesn’t Have to be Cruel There’s an affliction that hits extroverts particularly hard, and that’s the difficulty of remaining silent when they have nothing to say. Introverts are typically more comfortable maintaining the silence whilst they ponder and reflect. They don’t feel the same need to fill the space, but for many […]

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When We Play a Part, We Set Ourserves Apart

How many different parts do you play at work? How comfortable are you with vulnerability? A recent conversation with Stefan Bramble, a colleague living and working 10.5 thousand miles away in Melbourne, has really provoked me to question my stance on role-play and behavioural training. I’m an ex-actor (or as I prefer to call it, ‘a […]

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What’s Truly Unforgivable?

High Standards Businesses set very high standards for their employees. Typically, the expectations are that they will perform diligently, accurately, and uncomplainingly. Furthermore, it is often assumed that they’ll stay until they get the job done; take on new responsibilities at the drop of a hat; be friendly, energetic and driven to excel. Also, we […]

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Arse-Over-Tit Change Management

I recently attended a meeting of the Change Management Institute, where members were invited to share a particular change challenge they were currently dealing with. One of the situations described related to a systems migration project within a major bank. The project had already been agreed and set up, with deadlines in place and a […]

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