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Learn to Shape Your Future

When encountering something new, we may well ask ourselves the question, “What’s the value of learning this?” We should also ask “What’s the price I may have to pay for not learning this?” We cannot predict the future but we can shape it. We do so by the lessons we choose we learn along the way.

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Reframing Learning

“Learning is not about overcoming deficiencies: it’s more about creating efficiencies. It’s not about being broken, it’s about being woken.” Tim Lambert

Buddhist Wisdom

“Suffering is not in the facts but in our perceptions of the facts” Thank you to David Klaasan for bring this one to my attention.


Leaning towards Learning

“Learning begins with the realisation and acceptance that we don’t know everything or that we only possess a partial version of the truth. Without this self-honesty and courage learning cannot take place.” Tim Lambert

Respect Your Learning

“Show respect for what you have learned by using the lessons to improve your life and the lives of others.” Tim Lambert

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A True Learning Experience

“It’s only a learning experience if you engage with it. Turning up is not enough”  Tim Lambert

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Good Teaching Questions

“Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.” Josef Albers


Competence Is a Stone’s Throw Away From Incompetence

Competence is not a fixed commodity. As the world around you changes and you become more familiar with the skill you have acquired, it’s easy to find yourself out-of-touch, out of step, and out of a job. Keep a watchful eye on your competence: never get complacent, and seek always to refine. Tim Lambert


Say No to say Yes

Saying ‘No’ to some things is a necessary activity, leaving you free to say a big ‘Yes’ to the things that will drive you forward in your life and work. 


Take Heart

Home might be where the heart is, but it’s a good idea to take your heart to work as well. Tim Lambert

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