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Thought for the Day

Learn to Teach

The best way to learn is to imagine that you have to teach. It crystallizes the learning and brings great purpose to the experience. Tim Lambert  


The Heart of Learning

To learn something by heart is important, but it’s even more important to learn with your heart. Put your heart and soul into all your learning endeavours. Tim Lambert

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The Treasure of Learning

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese Proverb


Sharpen Up Your Learning

If you’ve never seen the point of learning before, you’ve been writing with an unsharpened pencil.  Tim Lambert

Invest Your Time

Time is not on our side but neither is it our enemy. Invest it wisely and it will be your greatest friend. Tim Lambert


The Path You Tread

You can follow any road and it will take you somewhere or to a dead end. Or, you can make your own path and allow it to twist and turn in any direction you want. Be the master of of the path you tread. Tim Lambert

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Boldly Go

When you don’t know what to do, take your cue from Captain Kirk: “Boldly go” and do something, or seek out new revelations. Tim Lambert

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Valuable Lessons

Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned were the simplest to acquire. It only took a willingness to park myself in someone else’s place for a short while. See what they see: hear what they hear: feel what they feel – and you’ll never look at the world in quite the same way […]


Be Curious

The world is a truly fascinating place and the people in it are compelling. Be curious: take every opportunity to develop understanding and feel part of this amazing creation. Tim Lambert

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The Beauty of Learning

The beauty of learning is that you are in control: you decide what to let in and what to leave out; what to accept and what to challenge; what to use and what to discard. No-one can make you learn anything. Tim Lambert


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