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Negotiation: an Exercise in Partnership

Getting or giving the best possible price for a car is perhaps our most common experience of negotiation, and invariably we come out of the process feeling somewhat dissatisfied. It taints our understanding of what negotiation is and could be.  

There are a number of factors that contribute to the impasse and feelings of being shafted: 

  1. Both parties want mutually exclusive outcomes from the start
  2. There may be little incentive for the sales person to protect the relationship for the long term
  3. There are so many options (vehicles and deals) available that it’s easy to feel we might have got a better one elsewhere
  4. Sometimes we’re in a big hurry 

Entering a business or relationship negotiation from these transactional standpoints is unlikely to yield the outcomes we desire. In these cases, it’s all about partnership.

Adopting the following approach will contribute to greater (and lasting) success.




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