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We believe that whilst 100% simulation is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve, the careful use of actors greatly enhances the learning that takes place. 

Participants are able to act out and rehearse new found skills and strategies with people they do not normally have a working relationship with. This gives freshness, and a sense of reality to any ensuing role-play, which participants respond well to.

In addition, the skills of the actor, usually acting under the direction of the consultant or participant, and always employing their own improvisational skills, succeed in creating exciting, complex and unpredictable role-plays which really put the participant’s learning to the test.

We now have an established team of role-play actors. Their involvement adds significant value to the proceedings. They bring:

We prepare our actors to give you the very best chance of success.

  1. Actors are briefed thoroughly prior to any event, and this sometimes takes the form of site visits. Actors are provided with a company overview and information about the key issues or skills which the training will concentrate on.
  2. In some cases, we need to prepare detailed character notes, which the actors assimilate prior to the role-play. Where this is necessary, we work closely with the client to create meaningful, realistic and technically-specific character briefings, which have the capacity to truly enhance the role-play and achieve the learning objectives.
  3. Whether detailed character notes are available or not, our actors are equally at home when responding to the needs of the situation as it arises within a training or assessment event

Our actors have experience of working in all fields. In addition to their role-play work, they have worked in – TV, Radio, Corporate Video, Voice-overs, Theatre (including Improvisational Theatre) & Film.  Among our team we also have actors who also perform live improvised comedy .