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Cultural Change

Culture is not an optional extra. It is central to everything you do.

Whether you are seeking to develop a new product, introduce a new piece of software, change some of your internal processes, implement Lean, increase or decrease your workforce, or re-site your premises; you will only succeed if you recognise and respond to the culture of your organisation.

Culture isn’t some nebulous thing that’s ‘out there’. It might be hard to describe but it is found in every gesture, thought, action and interaction that you and your people display day-in-day out.

Culture is self-propagating and feeds upon itself, like a rain cycle. Your behaviours create a norm and the norm starts to dictate your behaviours.

Your culture is a reflection of what you find acceptable, what you will tolerate, and what you expect.

Your culture determines whether you welcome innovation or stamp on creativity; whether you value your people or treat them as dispensable commodities.

So before you attempt any changes in your organisation, you need to understand the current culture and be clear about the culture you need to have in place to give your desired change the best chance of success.

If you recognise that you need to stimulate a cultural shift, talk to us. We believe we could be the catalyst you need.

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