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“I especially appreciated how you provoked us at times to really challenge and think in a new way”

Independent, neutral and professional facilitators

Whether you are…

…it can be useful to have your meeting facilitated by a neutral and professional Facilitator.
We provide this service for a number of our clients.

It frees you to play a full and participating role whilst someone else manages the process, co-ordinates the discussion and records the outputs.

With more of us working globally and remotely, more and more team meetings are happening by video or teleconferencing. There’s a great financial saving; it is logistically easier to keep in regular contact; and link-ups can be arranged at short notice. Despite these great 

benefits, we haven’t met a single company yet that really believes these technology-dependent meetings are delivering the value they should.

The cost, reliability and functionality of current technology is partially to blame but most people seem to accept that the challenges faced when attempting to have an effective face to-meeting meetings are magnified when attempting to do the same via  audio visual means.

A Kay-Lambert Associates facilitator gives you the freedom to concentrate on achieving the objectives of the meeting, whilst we ensure that everyone on the call has a voice and can contribute effectively.