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Leadership & Management Development

Human characteristics of great leadership

“What I really found useful is that I can quite easily summarise the techniques that made a difference and therefore they will be easy to recall and test for real.” Marketing Manager, Riverside Housing

Our experience shows us that, despite what the name suggests, ‘soft skills’ are more of a challenge to most managers than some of the ‘hard’ technical, process and system skills.

We are here to take the pain out of the learning, and help people assimilate vital leadership & management skills, attitudes and behaviours, in a safe and trusting environment.

We have a business and learner-centred approach to all our training.

We  ensure that:  

Sometimes we employ  professional actors for the purposes of role play. This adds an extra real dimension to the work, which lifts the training out of the classroom and encourages greater application of learned and tested skills.

Programmes Designed for YOU

Senior Management Team meetingOur programmes are designed to reflect your culture, experience, aspirations, and immediate needs.

We draw upon a range of ideas, models, disciplines and topics to devise a programme that has value and relevance.

Each module is carefully designed to ensure that it fits. We are able to provide programmes across a range of subject areas including the following: