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Training Your Trainers

As training and coaching experts, we want to share what we have learned and enable our clients to develop their own internal training capability. Having well-trained trainers who can deliver exciting and impactful training means that you can provide training ‘in-the-moment’, at short-notice and determined by when it is most needed.

Becoming an internal trainer within an organisation is one of the greatest privileges and one of the greatest challenges.

Our Train the Trainer programme takes a pragmatic look at what it takes to operate effectively as an internal trainer.

Historically education was based on the premise that the learner was an empty vessel into which the teacher poured information, and thus poor training practices have developed.

The reality is very different, especially if we want the learning to be effective for the learner. A style more akin to coaching and facilitation seems to have the greatest impact when it comes to helping people learn.

So our Train the Trainer programme adopts a more liberating approach to learning.

For a start, we recognise that your people will be at different starting points, and therefore will need different things. We construct the TTT intervention based around them.  Content is drawn from a range of possible topics:

Evaluation, in reality, starts at the design stage and sets us up to answer some serious questions about the training. These include:

And because the training is designed to provide both personal and company benefits, we encourage a full 5-stage evaluation process which addresses the following:

We’d love to help you, so talk to us if you would like to explore how best to Train your Trainers.