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Arse-Over-Tit Change Management

I recently attended a meeting of the Change Management Institute, where members were invited to share a particular change challenge they were currently dealing with. One of the situations described related to a systems migration project within a major bank. The project had already been agreed and set up, with deadlines in place and a […]

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Loose Change

I can remember as an impoverished student visiting my working brothers in their first flat. I was amazed to see in every room large glass jars or empty ice-cream tubs overflowing with loose change. To me they were veritable treasure chests: to them, they were essential repositories for objects that served no immediate purpose. Individually, […]

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How Many Roads…Before I Change Course?

Listening to a collection of Bob Dylan’s back catalogue recently, I was drawn to an idea that I have long spoken about during training sessions but haven’t really explored in writing. Dylan famously sang about our apparent inability to see what’s “blowin, in the wind”, and our phenomenal capacity for ignoring the signs even when […]

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Time to Step Off the Change Curve

The wonderful thing about learning is that it allows our understanding of the world and how it operates to grow and evolve. The natural assumption from this is that we are better off, more comfortable in our knowledge, better placed to make sense of our relationships, more prepared for what might befall us. But sometimes […]

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The Mini Macro Devils – Is Our Approach to Change Wrong?

Facing Up is Hard to Do It’s time we faced up to our limitations. Failure to call out our failings has been the single biggest cause of failure throughout the history of mankind. It’s why so many change programmes just don’t work. Oh, change happens. It will anyway, with or without us. But those big […]

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It’s My Problem – It’s My Solution

When faced with obstacles we have a remarkable facility for focusing our attention away from ourselves. Whether we say it out loud, or mutter away silently inside our own heads, we find ourselves thinking along these lines: This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him She’ll have to sort this out They need to […]

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