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Coaching has Potential

Lots of people like being coached. Why? Because most of us love talking about things we care about with people who are interested. That means there is a big responsibility on the coach to make themselves someone who people would want to share their dreams, aspirations, fears and problems with.  How can the coach do […]

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You Need to be OK to Coach

When Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate sang ‘It Started with a Kiss’ back in 1982, he wasn’t being entirely truthful. Let me explain.  Whilst the kiss might have been the first his girlfriend knew about it, the whole ‘lurve thang’ actually started before that: with a thought and a feeling. Our behaviour is the result […]

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Reaching Out for Success

We’ve had an exciting summer of sport which has demonstrated the power of human endeavour and belief. Great sportsmen and women have shown us what is achievable when we refuse to allow our limitations to hold us back.  Our absolute belief in the resourcefulness and capability of people is a guiding principle of everything we […]

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Summer Lovin’ Training

As the Summer that never was eases imperceptibly towards Autumn, we’ve been busy developing new partnerships and delivering a pot pourri of training programmes.  July sees us supporting our clients with Presentations Skills training, Culture Shaping workshops, Influencing Skills workshops, and a Coaching Skills programme to aid the introduction of a new Quality management approach. Typically, […]

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We’ve been busy lately! Follow our Success

We’ve been helping our clients deliver solid business results through their people and their processes. And we’ve made sure they enjoyed the experience. Here are some of our success stories in recent months.

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Free Downloads & Audio Recordings

They say nothing is free, but we’d like to prove them wrong. Here you will find a range of absolutely free downloads to look at, listen to and share. ___________________________________________________________________ Listen to short audio recordings between Tim Lambert & Moe Vara by following the links. Audio Files     The Stories We Tell & How to […]

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