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Absence: Can Work Ever be Attractive?

How Attractive is Your Workplace? High levels of absence in the workplace are a sign that something is wrong. Either there is a freakish statistical irregularity where multiple illnesses present themselves at the same time within a small population, or people are succumbing to an epidemic of a particular virus. But it’s possible also that […]

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Put The Company Culture On Probation

Finding yourself in a company where you feel constantly compromised is thoroughly miserable and cannot lead to a happy outcome. And yet, for many people, they have blithely entered into employment contracts without any understanding of what they were letting themselves in for. Think about the sort of questions that are asked at a job […]


Summer Lovin’ Training

As the Summer that never was eases imperceptibly towards Autumn, we’ve been busy developing new partnerships and delivering a pot pourri of training programmes.  July sees us supporting our clients with Presentations Skills training, Culture Shaping workshops, Influencing Skills workshops, and a Coaching Skills programme to aid the introduction of a new Quality management approach. Typically, […]

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Growing Positive Cultures

You simply cannot afford to ignore culture. A Great Culture isn’t a nice to have. It’s a must. Not just because there are moral and ethical considerations, but also because it makes good business sense. Get it wrong and the disease spreads. Get it right and you release positive spores throughout the organisation. The thing […]

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Avoid The Merger Splurge – Put People First

Coming Together in Pieces and Acrimony Few of us with a few years of working experience behind us could have escaped having to live through a merger of some kind. I’m not talking about the happy merger we call a wedding, but something more akin to an unhappy arranged marriage. There are many valid reasons […]

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Double Dutch – How Language Shapes Our Belonging

Finding myself in a country recently where I could not converse with language was extremely disconcerting. It got me thinking about the nature of communication and what we actually communicate when we don’t share a common language, culture and heritage. Without these things it’s easy to succumb to silence. Finding the essential hook that connects […]

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How to Avoid a Vulture Culture…and Create a Culture of Construction

Do you work in an organisation that seems to feed on itself, picking over the bones of failure and blaming everyone else, rather than itself? Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what it would be like to work freely without the fear of a hungry hoover hovering above, waiting for you to mess up? Is […]


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