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Trust: Don’t Keep it Under Your Hat

The Trust Quotient Employers would put a high price on guaranteed trustworthiness. It is an expected pre-requisite that any new member of staff joining the team should command the highest standards of trust. After all, they are party to a great deal of information, have access to IT systems and data-sets, and often have direct […]

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Problems & Choices: What to do?

The Problem with Problems & Choices: Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them! There are a number of things that commonly unite us all. One of those things is that we all have problems of one sort or another. Another is that we routinely are required to make choices. I haven’t yet met anyone who […]

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Why Don’t Managers Want to Manage Me?

Ask any manager what excites them about their role and it is unlikely that many will say “I just love managing people” Managing budgets, managing projects & managing customers seem acceptable and even exhilarating on occasion. But managing staff and direct reports? Most managers would really rather not have to. Many would run a mile […]

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