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Envy: I Wish I had More of That!

In our continuing quest to re-brand the Seven Deadly Sins as ‘The Super 7’, we’re ready to tackle Envy. Once you’ve seen how good it can be, you’ll want a bit of it! Envy – the bringer of imagination? We tend to focus on Envy as a destructive thing, but psychologists are increasingly realising that […]

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Re-branding the 7 deadly Sins for the Workplace

The 7 Deadly Sins have had a bit of bad press. Just look at the name we give them, ‘Deadly’. Hardly inviting! But I’m loathe to dismiss them so lightly. I think there’s a case to be made for re-branding them and bringing them back into unapologetic use. I don’t want to refer to them […]

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