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“You don’t have to go looking for insights. You just have to be open to them when they come, and willing to allow them air-time.” Tim Lambert

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The Ministry of Silly Questions

It might sound python-esque, but here’s my proposal. Set up a Ministry of Silly Questions in your company today and see what new insights you might find. We aren’t silly enough. We’re far too serious. We take ourselves too seriously and we’re often afraid to look silly. So we don’t spend enough time doing the […]

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The Joy of Learning with other Trainers – April 2012

We’ve been running a Train the Trainer programme this week for a diverse group of people drawn from operations, planning and safety. Add to this the fact that they hail from the UK, Sweden, Mexico and the US and suddenly we have the most amazing opportunity for group sharing and learning. For me the most […]

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