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I’m Disappointed…

The language we use often communicates things that are far from our conscious intention. We can often be surprised by the response we get, and left wondering how people could possibly interpret our innocent and well-intentioned remark as anything other. I was coaching a senior leader recently who had decided that as part of his […]

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Language is Laced with Limitations

Have you ever stopped to think about some of the words and phrases we routinely use that are often unsuitable for the events and situations we use them to describe? It’s a form of short-hand (for which I mean habitual laziness) that has developed over time, allowing us to ‘cut to the chase’, or bypass […]

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Double Dutch – How Language Shapes Our Belonging

Finding myself in a country recently where I could not converse with language was extremely disconcerting. It got me thinking about the nature of communication and what we actually communicate when we don’t share a common language, culture and heritage. Without these things it’s easy to succumb to silence. Finding the essential hook that connects […]

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