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Can’t or Won’t?

Potential? What Potential? We literally don’t know what we’re capable of. The trouble is, we often convince ourselves that we do, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. When we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, we’re almost certainly right. When we tell ourselves we can do something, the chances are we […]

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How Many Roads…Before I Change Course?

Listening to a collection of Bob Dylan’s back catalogue recently, I was drawn to an idea that I have long spoken about during training sessions but haven’t really explored in writing. Dylan famously sang about our apparent inability to see what’s “blowin, in the wind”, and our phenomenal capacity for ignoring the signs even when […]

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Self-help books: are they helping us to help ourselves?

Maybe you’re tired of being told there is a new and seismic management theory in town which will ‘revolutionise’ the way you operate. You may be hugely disappointed by the endless stream of ‘initiatives’ and ‘paradigm shifts’ and re-packaging of old ideas which have done little to affect your performance at ground level. And it’s […]


Greedy for Success – the Acceptable Face of Greed

In this series of short articles, we’re looking at the Seven Deadly Sins and seeing if it’s possible to re-brand them as ‘The Super 7’. In this new version, qualities that have been castigated and vilified for centuries can be shown to be powerful and beneficial functions of the human condition, and highly advantageous for […]

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Reframing Learning

“Learning is not about overcoming deficiencies: it’s more about creating efficiencies. It’s not about being broken, it’s about being woken.” Tim Lambert

Time to Step Off the Change Curve

The wonderful thing about learning is that it allows our understanding of the world and how it operates to grow and evolve. The natural assumption from this is that we are better off, more comfortable in our knowledge, better placed to make sense of our relationships, more prepared for what might befall us. But sometimes […]

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Leaning towards Learning

“Learning begins with the realisation and acceptance that we don’t know everything or that we only possess a partial version of the truth. Without this self-honesty and courage learning cannot take place.” Tim Lambert

Respect Your Learning

“Show respect for what you have learned by using the lessons to improve your life and the lives of others.” Tim Lambert

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A True Learning Experience

“It’s only a learning experience if you engage with it. Turning up is not enough”  Tim Lambert

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The Heart of Learning

To learn something by heart is important, but it’s even more important to learn with your heart. Put your heart and soul into all your learning endeavours. Tim Lambert

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