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I’m Disappointed…

The language we use often communicates things that are far from our conscious intention. We can often be surprised by the response we get, and left wondering how people could possibly interpret our innocent and well-intentioned remark as anything other. I was coaching a senior leader recently who had decided that as part of his […]

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Hold Your Breath Management Sucks the Life Out of Your Company

There’s a common phenomenon in business that is causing untold damage without any obvious signs of correction. It’s sucking the life out of companies and leaving it starved of oxygen.It’s a style of management that’s recognisable to everyone, causes intense frustration, and yet appears to be actively encouraged by those who make management appointments.   […]

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Poor Management: Laundry Style!

It’s a sad fact that people management is an under-developed skill in many organisations. The organisations that get it right tend to be the successful ones, so there’s a message in there somewhere. Here’s a checklist of management practices that rarely (if ever) prove successful.  If you are an employee, how many of these have […]