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Jam Tomorrow Doesn’t Have to be a Pie in the Sky Idea

I’ve just discovered that jam tarts aren’t so bad after all. Not a massive revelation, I know, but one that set me thinking about the nature of past experience and how it can shape present and future practice, if we let it. As a youngster, I and my two siblings were often left home alone […]

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Coaching has Potential

Lots of people like being coached. Why? Because most of us love talking about things we care about with people who are interested. That means there is a big responsibility on the coach to make themselves someone who people would want to share their dreams, aspirations, fears and problems with.  How can the coach do […]

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Cynicism: the lowest form of engagement

I fear that we’ve become a cynical race. Simple acts of kindness are construed as attempts to win our favour. We draw unflattering conclusions about the motives of people when they try to better their lives. We’ve grown accustomed to assuming the worst and expecting little better. We have allowed our cynicism to infiltrate what could […]

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Can’t or Won’t?

Potential? What Potential? We literally don’t know what we’re capable of. The trouble is, we often convince ourselves that we do, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. When we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, we’re almost certainly right. When we tell ourselves we can do something, the chances are we […]

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Feedback is for Life, Not Just For Christmas

Christmas in the non-secular calendar is a time of giving, receiving, feasting and staying close to those we love the most. For those with religious faith it is much more, but the concept of showing our love and appreciation through the presenting of gifts is a common theme. But Christmas is also a time when the […]

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