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Do You Lust after a Rewarding Work Experience?

We’re onto the fifth in our series of blogs trying to re-brand the Seven Deadly Sins as The Super 7. On the face of it, the task is getting harder as we approach the thorny issue of Lust. Is it possible to reintroduce Lust into the workplace without de-stabilising performance? Can Lust make a positive […]

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Poor Management: Laundry Style!

It’s a sad fact that people management is an under-developed skill in many organisations. The organisations that get it right tend to be the successful ones, so there’s a message in there somewhere. Here’s a checklist of management practices that rarely (if ever) prove successful.  If you are an employee, how many of these have […]


Spring in Your Step – Highlights for May

Spring here in the UK isn’t quite what we expected with a combination of flooding, drought and lower than average temperatures.  But business is strong and we are doing some really exciting work with existing and new clients. Some highlights this month include: Culture Shaping workshops with the NHS Emotional Intelligence profiling Coaching for pharma […]

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Why Don’t Managers Want to Manage Me?

Ask any manager what excites them about their role and it is unlikely that many will say “I just love managing people” Managing budgets, managing projects & managing customers seem acceptable and even exhilarating on occasion. But managing staff and direct reports? Most managers would really rather not have to. Many would run a mile […]

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