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Values Add

Values will only add value if you value them. This might sound like a daft thing to say until you reflect on the fact that often we remain unconscious of our values, and too often we find ourselves compromised by our attempts to operate by our values.  In my work with companies and individual clients, […]

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Greedy for Success – the Acceptable Face of Greed

In this series of short articles, we’re looking at the Seven Deadly Sins and seeing if it’s possible to re-brand them as ‘The Super 7’. In this new version, qualities that have been castigated and vilified for centuries can be shown to be powerful and beneficial functions of the human condition, and highly advantageous for […]

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Learn to Shape Your Future

When encountering something new, we may well ask ourselves the question, “What’s the value of learning this?” We should also ask “What’s the price I may have to pay for not learning this?” We cannot predict the future but we can shape it. We do so by the lessons we choose we learn along the way.

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