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Our clients and delegates are not only our reason for being, but also our greatest allies. We canvas their feedback and strive always to improve what we offer them.

Here are just a few of the kind words they have said about us.

“Thank you… it was a fab day! Just what the Dr. ordered. They are a brilliant team… just need time and self permission to slow down and take a big breath… today, certainly has given us all that!” Karen Thomas, Plant Director, Kelloggs

“I met Tim for the first time in the summer of 2013 when I was recommended him as an executive coach.  Tim’s professional, challenging and yet relaxed approach to coaching has benefited me greatly; he probes and facilitates coaching in a way that challenged me to really reflect on my role as an executive director, leader of multiple services and as account partner.  Working with Tim has enabled me to reflect on my personal style, grow in confidence and establish myself as an executive director within a new team, I believe I am a better leader as a result of working with Tim.    Whilst being empathetic to the issue Tim has a knack of pushing you to reflect more deeply to get the best out of the coaching session, facilitating personal development.

I would recommend Tim as a coach who will leave personal responsibility with you and help you identify your own solutions, albeit it may feel a little uncomfortable at times – you get the best results in the end.” Suzanne Tewkesbury, Director of Corporate Services, Central Southern Commissioning Support Unit 

“It was great having you on board last week…and the amount of additional benefit from laughing is still paying dividends for me…they say it’s a good medicine and there is definitely a move in the right direction with the team. Pleasure having you as our mentor.” HR Manager, fmcg

“Tim is an amazing facilitator with a high energy style and the ability to create a stimulating and fun learning environment quickly and with great skill.” Alison Kilduff, Plum Consulting

“I had the pleasure of participating in a 5-day train-the-trainer workshop Tim designed and delivered for AstraZeneca. The workshop covered a range of leadership skills. It proved to be one of the most useful courses I have attended. Tim has a relaxed and effective mentoring style, allowing the participants to adapt the course to their needs and ensuring all the critical points are covered. I was able to take the learning and apply it immediately. I would whole-heartedly recommend Tim as a trainer.” Dawood Dassu

“I would like to recommend Tim Lambert of Kay-Lambert Associates. We contracted directly with Tim for the provision of a team-building workshop. With minimal pre-workshop interface, Tim had the uncanny ability to synthesize management’s concerns, read the issues surrounding the delegates, and provide a workshop that not only addressed the concerns, but led us down a path of future success. The workshop lasted 3 days, and was attended by over 35 individuals from across multiple countries and business units, all with a different perspective going into the workshop, but with a unified view leaving the workshop. I would definitely hire Tim again should the situation arise.” Frederick Payne. President at International Center for Complex Project Management, North America

“Tim is one of the best facilitators I have ever worked with. His ability to involve and enable the group to achieve meaningful outcomes, coupled with his detailed knowledge and hard work has made him an invaluable resource to our organisation. Tim quickly established himself as a trusted adviser and has helped us deliver some staggering results through his interventions.”  Phil Davies, People Development Manager, Portable Foods/Kelloggs

“To find only 3 attributes to describe Tim is impossible! He is a fantastic source of advice and assistance when you need it – not when he is ready! We use Tim to design develop and deliver bespoke development interventions for our management team and every single person has commented on his style and his knowledge. Just take one look at his client list and you see the calibre of the person that you are dealing with. Totally recommended and fully supported by all levels of this business.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Dave Marshall MA FCIPD – HR Manager, Character World

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tim for over 10 years. During this time he has helped design and deliver high quality learning and business solutions that match the needs not only of the organisation but also that of the people involved. Tim’s personal style instils confidence with those he works with and he consistently delivers results that add real value to any organisation.”Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Mike Jenkins – The Stroke Association

Thank you for your facilitation and very interesting insights to help us along the way.  The discussions we were having were the first of their kind together as a full team, so I thought they were very important/valuable and took us a step forward from where we were previously.  I think the realisation of what we really need to deliver as a team started to hit home once we had got into the detail as we did yesterday. Operations Excellence Leader, Global Pharma

Please accept this belated thank you for an excellent piece of work on decision making for us in Development Projects in the past 9 months. We’ve put the tools online and have begun to incorporate in out GPTs. Feedback overall has been excellent which we attribute to your hard work and commitment to understanding our environment and putting together the right approach to learning and skill building. We look forward to working together again in the future. Astra Zeneca Decision Making Work Stream

Thank you Tim for your responsiveness and dedication to making this program a success.  Your commitment to helping us make genuine progress in this piece of work and your flexibility with our changes were greatly appreciated.  Look forward to more good partnering in the future. Astra Zeneca (US)

Great work with the decision-making programme.  Wow, did you really hit a home run with that one. I want you to know how impressed I was with all your hard work and perseverance.  Your leadership and your teaching made the difference on this one. For me, working with you on that programme was a professional highlight.  I will miss my private Masters degree you were giving me on decision making theory! All the best, my friend.  You are truly a consultant’s consultant!!  Tony Hacking, Global Consultant

I just wanted to drop you a short line to say very many thanks for the tremendous session yesterday. The team clearly enjoyed it and more importantly I believe got some real value out of it, and that was in no small measure down to your skilful and engaging facilitation. That’s much appreciated, and was probably quite demanding when you have an audience of “Be Perfect” types! Global Head of HR Strategy, Planning & Analytics Team

Just a thank you for your time spent in Germany with us on project Orion. I felt that your whole approach was excellent and everyone really appreciated the way in which you energised the new team and then let us loose. The true benefits will be seen as the project progresses, but I have no doubts that the inbuilt team strength and commitment will succeed. Head of Global Procurement, Ricardo

I wanted to personally thank you for your effort in translating the brief into a superbly constructed flow over the 2 days. I am already seeing the benefit in the manner of some of the emails I have received today!!  Project Manager, Ricardo UK Ltd


The people we work with on our programmes are rarely shy about telling us what they think. Their opinion matters to us and we thought you might like to hear it, too.

Thanks so much for a great 3-4 days. You helped me so much to develop further confidence as a facilitator. Neville Eden, Director of Engineering Compliance, Astra Zeneca

What I found most valuable was Tim’s energy and willingness to not just teach, but apply to real issues. Senior Manager, Global Security Team

 I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and feel this investment has benefitted myself and colleagues significantly, not least in terms of the self-awareness and peer-awareness opportunities the programme has offered us. In terms of my own development I have taken the time, for the first time ever, to think about ME and my own needs and development. This has proved very beneficial and enabled me to be particularly self-analytical and form a greater understanding of what “drives” me. 
Our coaching sessions “forced” me to think about my behaviour and to consider why I have the insecurities and lack of confidence that influence some of my reactions in certain situations. I thank you sincerely for this opportunity. HR Director , FE College

Honestly Tim, that was the best meeting like that I have attended. We are a great team and we really care about each other, however you helped us to get the most we could out of our time together and you made it really enjoyable. The Leadership team were able to take part, rather than worrying about hosting and facilitating (which they are not necessarily trained to do anyway) and that meant that we got the best input from them too.  Astra Zeneca Global Stability

I have to say – we had an excellent 2 days. What an amazing difference these guys can add.I bet most companies our size don’t have a strategy like we now do – it’s a fantastic offering to most companies.  MD Textiles Company

I think we laid the groundwork for an effective GCLT. Thanks for excellent facilitation on your part. I especially appreciated how you “provoked” us at times to really challenge and think in a new way. Hope we can work together again the future.
Regards.  Global Compliance Officer

I very much enjoyed and appreciated the energy and drive you brought to the meeting – and you certainly led by example, daring us to match them. I hope that we did not fail to meet expectations!  Compliance Manager

Came in today with a lot of work pressures and concerns, feeling should be spending time doing other things, but completely turned round and feel time well spent. Enjoyed input, discussion and learning.

Thanks Tim. Good tuition

 Very knowledgeable

 A well-balanced two days…very well delivered

Same response as always – very relevant

 Highly informative and helpful for my development

 Very good course. Duration just right. Plenty of exercises/workshops which I feel are beneficial and assist learning

 Enjoyable and informative, and relevant to my role

 I will apply all I have learned to improve my leadership skills with my team

 Integral part of my self-development and learning 

 Very relevant