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Ditch the old banger – increase your chances of getting there

The road is littered with weary travelers who have lost their way. Great intentions don’t always translate into great implementations. Distractions, losing confidence, or taking on too much all contribute to people not reaching their desired destination. A destination that is worth reaching requires a proper map. And achievement that is worth something requires DRIVE: […]

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2012 – Year of the ?

As the sun sets on 2011 and we look forward to 2012, I’m wondering what delights it will bring. Anything can happen…and it probably will! But, we’ve heard so much of the gloom and doom and it’s not really helping me. Yes I know that economies are in dire straits and we are now paying […]

Seek and Ye Shall Find…a bit!

I’m not alone, I’m sure, in finding myself misunderstood. It’s taken 29 years for me to be able to say “My wife understands me”, which is an indication of how long it can take to get on someone else’s wavelength. Of course, she might disagree. And I am definitely not alone when I say that […]

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Are You Being Toyed With?

I have a daughter who is rather partial to dark chocolate ginger cookies. No sooner do they enter the house, they vanish into the dark and gloomy dungeon, otherwise known as her bedroom. I’m told that chocolate has remarkable and essential properties for teenage girls (I’m told this by my teenage daughter, so this might […]

Not quite 10 out of 10 – but perfection is overrated!

I’ve just completed this year’s Manchester Bupa 10k. Haile Gebrisellassi romped home to take the crown in little over 28 minutes, looking fresh as a daisy. I staggered over the finishing line in 46:43 and have been recovering all week! It’s a personal best over this course but short of my record over the 10k […]