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Training video images

Training Video Suite

A suite of high quality, entertaining, informative videos to complement your learning and development.

What makes them special?

  • BAFTA award winning filmmakers

  • creative, short, and snappy

  • award-winning team of learning professionals 

  • designed to build quick understanding

  • witty and compelling

  • live action and strong visuals 

  • easy to slot into a longer training programme



We cover the topics that matter most to you and your organisation such as:

  • Team Meetings

  • Decision Making

  • Setting Priorities

  • Diversity

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Change

  • Feedback

  • Creating Opportunities

  • Communications

  • Stakeholder Management

  • …and more

And we introduce you to practical tools and methods that are proven to get you the results you need quickly.

Filmed in interesting locations and combining strong storytelling, editing and visual design to captivate your audience & achieve maximum impact.



Tell us what you need, and we will add them to our list. Or contact us to gain access to our current suite.  

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