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leadership development

Leadership Development

Ensure your Company is in safe hands

Is your leader-ship seaworthy enough? Do you have people with the leadership skills to steer you safely and successfully through the choppy waters of global business. Standard leadership programmes produce standard leaders at best. Aim higher with our bespoke and impactful interventions.

organisation development

Organisation Development

Getting Your Business  Ready to Soar

Whether you need to develop more organisation robustness or create an organisation structure that's fit for purpose, we can help.  Getting the right processes in place to drive effective delivery can be a dark art. Too much and the organisation stagnates; too little and it is vulnerable to attack. We work with you to streamline and integrate the most vital aspects of your business, ensuring your organisation can grow safely and in a controlled way.

people development

People Development

Engage People and Watch Them Deliver

Employee engagement rates are woefully low across the globe, but not with our clients. We work with individuals to ensure that they can expand and utilise their capabilities fully. We construct programmes around a wide range of personal development topics, that help to galvanise and motivate your people. Our e-Learning course on Burnout is just one example.

coaching services


Finding the Best in Everyone

Coaching transforms people and businesses.  We work with individuals to help them identify their goals and how to reach them. We help to unleash hidden potential and support people as they embark on their ambitious journey towards self-improvement and professional success.

surveys and psychometrics

Surveys & Psychometrics

Know Whats Happening

We design bespoke surveys to help you understand what's really happening in your organisation. We can measure your culture, the impact your managers are having, levels of engagement, and much more besides. On an individual level, we construct 360 degree feedback surveys, and administer a range of psychometric instruments such as MBTI, Wave, and Emotional Intelligence.

Team development

Team Development

Teams that Work

We work with teams to ensure they are operationally effective quickly. We help them to create the necessary conditions that drive team success; and we assist in strengthening the connections between individual team members. Our facilitated sessions result in teams that are aligned, purposeful, engaged and have a strong sense of identity. And our Muster platform is a DIY solution for remote teams.

strategy development

Strategy Development

Create Futures that Excite

Leaders are artists, architects and creators. And strategies are an act of creation. We support senior teams through the whole process of setting strategy from the dream phase, through fine artistic refinement to a clear end state that can inspire and invigorate.

Culture and engagement

Culture & Engagement

Looking after the organism

Culture is everything and it's everyone's business. Toxic cultures kill great businesses, whilst those that thrive are the ones who foster a healthy and engaged culture, keeping it at front and centre of all that they do. We help you measure your culture and redefine it where necessary. We help you shape it and sustain it.

Ideas and advice


Someone to Bounce Ideas With

Sometimes our clients just need someone to talk to. As problems and challenges surface and ideas ferment, it can be helpful to seek a second and independent opinion. Our Trusted Partner status means that clients often contact us for guidance, reassurance and to test out solutions. We will always be straight with you, so you can rely on a well-considered and honest answer from us.

train the trainer

Training Your Trainers

Build in-house capability

Sometimes, the best person to deliver training is within your own organisation. That's where the specific technical knowledge and expertise resides. We help your experts to develop the skills needed to share their knowledge effectively, so you can keep your costs down whilst building strong internal capability.

Perfformance Management

 Performance Management Systems 

Keeping Your Business On Track

Most people set out to do a good, if not great job. Sometimes, things get in the way. That's when managers need to step up and take the necessary measures to get people back on track. We help you design the right systems for performance assessment, review and correction. 
Whether you need to get on top of absence, behaviour or delivery there are pitfalls to be avoided and we know what they are.

Recruitment support

Hiring & Promoting

Building a Strong Bench

Recruitment is costly when you get it wrong. We design assessment centres for external hiring and development centres for internal promotions so that you can have greater confidence in the people you hire. And even if people are in the wrong roles, through our career coaching services, we can help them find the right home within or without your organisation.

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