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Kay-Lambert Associates Limited

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Proud Winners of Growth Consultancy of the Year 2019

We are Learning & Development specialists focused on helping our clients excel. We help you to be at your most productive, efficient, and effective. We help you attract and keep the best people to achieve your business goals. We help you galvanise the potential of your teams.

We’re creative, dynamic, and invigorating. We’ve got a passion for giving our clients   the leading edge. We have solid business acumen and years of experience. But we’re still trailblazing with fresh, witty styles of delivery pirated from our backgrounds in the Creative Industries. We’re proud  of our enviable track record of success. Clients love what they get from us: enthusiastic employees, performance improvement, competitive advantage, and cost saving.  Let us make your company more agile; your processes leaner; your people happier and your bottom line healthier.

Passion matters. When you engage us we care as passionately about your business as you do. And we get your people to care passionately too. The sort of motivation we inspire  transforms organisations. 400% increase in staff retention. 200% increase in turnover. Dramatic falls in production costs. These are the sort of metrics we achieve with our clients. Read more 

People matter. People are our business. Making people love their work, letting them shine, getting organisations to work better. When you engage us to develop your people, the financial gain far outweighs the  initial investment. 20% increased productivity. 75% reduction in waste. Absence down from 5% to 1%. All these metrics come from our case histories. Read more 

“Excellent. Thanks to your hard work, commitment, and understanding of our environment, you put together exactly the right approach to learning and skill building”. Astra Zeneca

“Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.”  The Stroke Association

 “Thanks for such an excellent programme. I really felt I progressed over the 3 sessions, and your help and support were always spot on. A very practical series of sessions, full of simple, but effective guidance, delivered in a ‘safe’ environment.” Marketing Director, Riverside

The bulk of our work comes from retained clients, referrals and recommendations.If you have enjoyed working with us, keep talking to us and tell your business associates about us.

Kay-Lambert Associates Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with a company number 5117285

New bite-size learning sessions to compliment your business meeting. Light Bite Learning Download our brochure today.

We are delighted to announce our new partnerships with Food Sorcery and Flock. Now you can feed on inspiring Leadership Development whilst learning to cook great meals alongside your colleagues; and access unique and powerful tools to measure your organisational culture. https://www.foodsorcery.co.uk