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Welcome to Muster

Multi-player networked team and leadership development software that  creates high performing teams

Oodles of networked games, activities & tools

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We are improving how remote teams interact, learn and prosper

Teams don't become high-performing by magic: unless that magic ingredient is Muster!

We’ve been providing team training services to clients since 2004. Muster is our online solution connecting teams globally with dynamic & interactive  training material to stimulate great teamworking and team performance whilst saving the planet.

Available as a web app, or integrated with your existing internal systems 

Muster is a safe new way of experiencing team development without the need for planes, trains, automobiles, catering, equipment, facilitators or venues

Elite teams need regular access to guidance, tools and activities that help them measure, develop and exploit their potential. Now they can have it. That's because Muster combines community gaming functionality with business-relevant features and content to deliver a unique experience for teams, wherever its members are located. Muster mobilises teams to make them highly effective in all aspects of team working and performance.


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Sign up your team today for a full and powerful team experience

Multiplayer - Multifunctional - Multisensory

Networked so your team members can log in and participate from anywhere in the world via the web. Accommodates teams of up to 15 people. 


Accessible when you want it, enabling you to run numerous team sessions of varying length

Play – Perform – Prosper

Packed with activities to stimulate strong team working practices and support effective team leadership


Build strong working relationships through effective shared learning and play

secure - stable -gdpr compliant

Hosted on secure servers where only you can access your private team data. We offer full integration with your internal software systems.