Introducing our ground breaking online team development toolkit

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Teams don't become high-performing by magic: unless that magic ingredient is Muster!


We are creating an interactive, immersive and virtual toolkit to enable online team development anytime, anywhere. 

It will be packed with multi-player games, business simulations and surveys. It will include interactive business tools to help teams solve problems, scope out change, make decisions, and create effective ways of working. It will have 3D environments and beautiful avatars to stimulate excitement, participation and learning. It will have a library of insightful articles and information on how to become a high performing team. And it will have space to record critical information about the team, its members and its progress.

And because we believe that people and the planet are precious, it will enable team members to participate without the need for planes, trains or automobiles; thereby reducing the polluting effects of C02 emissions.

Find out more by watching our CEO in the the video below.

Meet our Muster Genies

Armin Aghili

Technical Director and wizard 

Michelle Hayman

Operations Manager and marketing genie

More Genies

Jay Gregoire

Graphic Designer and creative magician 

Lauren Hira

Photographer, Video maker and Social Media sorceror

Jon Blenky

3D Modeler and creator of magical creatures

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