Muster on the Web!

We have some great news about our Team Development software toolkit, Muster™

Having listened carefully to our clients, we have now migrated our software to the web. This means that people no longer have to download the application onto their system. As a result, we have removed complications regarding third-party software installation; improved the user experience; and optimised it for use on PC, Mac, and laptop devices.

This is a major move forward that makes it easier for your teams to access Muster™ and build it into your schedule of team development activity.

Muster™ is our response to remote working and hybrid working patterns becoming more prevalent; increased company globalisation; a growing emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint; and the need to focus on activities that are more productive than travel. For the first time, it makes regular focus on team development accessible to even the smallest of organisations across all sectors. It is a unique product which equips teams with the material, guidance, and gamified experiences that drive effective teamworking. It has multi-player, networked functionality, meaning that it is available to teams and dispersed team members wherever they are located in the world.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the support of our clients. Their suggestions and feedback have been invaluable, and will continue to be so.

Every team deserves to be supported and developed. Let Muster be your guide.

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