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Problems & Choices: What to do?

The Problem with Problems & Choices: Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them!

Tough Choices

There are a number of things that commonly unite us all. One of those things is that we all have problems of one sort or another.

Another is that we routinely are required to make choices.

I haven’t yet met anyone who could claim to have avoided either, even though (if we could choose on the matter) we might well choose to dispense with one or both. 

A choice is simply the answer you provide to a set of questions, but that recognition alone throws up numerous questions of its own:

  1. Am I asking the right questions?

  2. Do I genuinely have a choice?

  3. How honest and explicit am I about my true criteria?

  4. What is my ultimate objective?

  5. Can I get what I want without creating another problem that needs solving?

Without focus and clarity here, we are destined to flounder, to function by our gut, to make decisions on the hoof, habitually and hurriedly; or to pussy-foot around the issue, delay, hope it goes away, and pray for someone else to intervene and make the decision for us.

Choice is all about Control. You can’t have one without the other. Every moment of decision is a reminder and re-enforcer of our influence in the world and over our own life. But it is also an opportunity to do (if not the right thing), something considered that moves us a step closer to our goal.

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