Reaching Out for Success

We’ve had an exciting summer of sport which has demonstrated the power of human

Nothing is Impossible

endeavour and belief. Great sportsmen and women have shown us what is achievable when we refuse to allow our limitations to hold us back. 

Our absolute belief in the resourcefulness and capability of people is a guiding principle of everything we do at Kay-Lambert Associates. And thanks to our fantastic clients who share our optimistic view of their people, we’ve been able to turn in some pretty exciting successes of our own.

Some of the assignments we are immensely proud of include the following:

  1. We’ve recently partnered with the Finance Team of a fmcg to design an interactive  Financial Awareness training workshop which will be delivered eventually to all staff. Working with the team, we’ve been able to create an engaging and lively event which will significantly raise financial awareness  across the business. And we’ve been able to run a train the trainer programme to enable the course to be delivered in-house by finance professionals. The Financial Controller concluded that our contribution was “well worth the investment” and that it would enable to business to be much more efficient and financially in control across all areas of the company.

  2. We’ve been working with a Senior Leadership Team following the appointment of a new Factory Director. Having carried out one-to-ones with all team members and developing a team profile based on Motivational Drivers, we facilitated a residential event at an off-site centre. The primary focus was to enable all team members to understand more about what makes each other tick and to start defining the culture they needed (and wanted) to create across the business they lead. The outputs included a set of agreed rules which would define the team’s ways of working, and some commitments made to each other about how to keep the team on track. 

  3. We’ve started the Coaching Phase of a Leadership Development programme at a Licensed Textiles design company in Manchester, which includes the use of a bespoke 360 degree feedback questionnaire.

Nothing is beyond your reach. Our role is to help you grasp those opportunities that are out there and turn them to true advantage.

Thanks to all our clients for allowing us to do so this Summer.

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