A Slow Burn is Still A Burn – Deal With Burnout

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

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But there’s one place where the temperature is definitely rising and the heat is definitely being felt. It’s our place of work. The world of work is like an oven and that’s why we’re getting so burned out!

For years people have been referring to monolithic call centres as modern-day sweat shops, and the friction that exists in many work places is so intense we risk spontaneous combustion at any moment.

But is this an inevitable by-product of 21st century commercial reality? With each new generation, are we turning up the heat on what we expect from our employees? Or are we at fault for setting our thermostats too high and letting the pressure build?

We can merrily pass a few hours musing on these questions, but most of us don’t have time, inclination or energy. After all, where has all this navel gazing, academic, intellectual questioning and debate got us in resolving the problem that most of us face?

Basically, we’re too tired, too frustrated, too stressed, too stretched, too frazzled, and in danger of getting totally burnt out.

That’s why we need to take a bit of heat out of our working lives. It’s time to come up with a strategy that helps us cool down whilst ensuring high levels of productivity and personal fulfilment.

Cool Down

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Ashes to ashes and dust to dust will eventually claim me, but for now, I don’t want to get my fingers or anything else burned by the way I choose to earn my living. Join me in my quest to find a better way of working. There may well be things we can’t control, but before I succumb to burnout, I want to make sure I’ve done absolutely everything that is within my power.

If you’ve ever felt on the verge of burn-out, or even stepped over that threshold: if


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