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They say nothing is free, but we’d like to prove them wrong. Here you will find a range of absolutely free downloads to look at, listen to and share.


Listen to short audio recordings between Tim Lambert & Moe Vara by following the links.


Audio Files

The Stories We Tell & How to Change Them

Changing Negative States of Mind

Methods to Help You Change Your State

Strategies & Compelling Goals


documents (1)

Feel free to download and keep any of the following documents, with our compliments.

Article: At A Loss With The Boss

Article:Leadership in at the Deep End

Coaching Brochure

Culture Shaping & Re-shaping

Training Courses Information Brochure

Team Development Brochure

Leading Edge Leadership Development Brochure

Wake up and Smell the Economy – Sep 2010

What every CEO wants to know – 6 conditions to create a top team

Six Lookings activity

Six Lookings review questions

Absence Management Brochure

Facilitating On-line meetings

An Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

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